Manage Your Business
Processes More Efficiently

Manage your work process from quote through to
invoice while tracking time and costs.

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Improve your business
today, tomorrow and
into the future.

E-Flow Cloud

You can now implement E-Flow BPM Cloud for a monthly
licence fee. So as your business grows, the E-Flow BPM
solution grows along with you.


A server-based solution conveniently and securely designed
to meet your on-site requirements.


Manage your business on the go and mobilize your entire
team with E-Flow BPM Mobile. Become accessible from any
mobile device, anytime and anywhere to proactively conduct
your business.


Features That Make A
Drag nd Drop Functionality

With the intuitive design interface, you can design your
E-Flow business processes freely and faster with drag and
drop functionality. Moreover it can be integrated with
document, customer relationship and enterprise resource
planning system.

Reduce Costs

With E-Flow you can develop and follow your unique
business processes using less resources and without requiring
coding knowledge. E-Flow can make not only the IT team
more productive, but can improve the effectiveness of
everyone in the organization.

High Efficiency

E-Flow allows you to create more business processes in less
time, designing them within days or even hours. Updating and
changing them over time is also no longer an issue.


E-Flow in BPM
No Coding.

Stop writing code to implement your processes! It is not
only diffucult, but also very time consuming.
With E-Flow Process Designer you can create processes


E-Flow BPM in

You can use E-Flow as Software as a Service (SaaS)
or On-premise.
Netoloji BPM Suite presented in the cloud is a secure
way to create a more agile and adaptable organization.

  1. Low intial costs
  2. Convenient and maintenance- free installation
  3. Predictable fees
  4. Fast return on investment


E-Flow Mobile.
Manage Your Business with
a Dynamic Lifestyle!

You can manage your work faster when you’re on the go.
Let your processes flow when you are outside the office!
Further enable your success success through active BPM.
Should not prevent your success.

  1. Create mobile apps faster with E-Flow BPM Mobile.
  2. Are you using Android or iOS for your business?
    Let E-Flow handle it. You just design your process and relax.
  3. Get instant notifications between web and mobile devices.
  4. The coding for any application for any user. The E-Flow Designer
    software is the only intutive interface you need.

Do you have our mobile app?