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Method Cosmetics Co., Ltd. participated in the BPM E-Flow family of netology...

Kasım 22-2013

Method Cosmetics Inc. was founded in July 1998 by Musa Kazim Engin, as part of the vast group of companies, to make marketing, sales and distribution of leading brands in the cosmetics industry in Turkey.

Starting from the date of its inception, the method of increasing the cosmetic culture of individuals and meeting with rich product diversity at all points is acting with the vision of becoming a pioneering company that provides value added to the cosmetic market in Turkey.

The first member of the method's rich product portfolio, from 1998 onwards, is the world-renowned cosmetic brand of Procter &gamble, Max Factor.

From 2005 onwards, the number of manufacturers and brands working in the field of skin care need to be increased rapidly. The method has successfully introduced the world-class brands such as the Puma and the event of Procter &gamble, the Puig's Antonio Banderas and Mango, selective Beauty, and the Benetton of the Turkish consumers.

The method began to operate in other similar branches of the rapid consumer sector after its rapid growth in the cosmetics sector, and since the beginning of 2007, the world's prestigious brand Braun has been delivering to consumers in Turkey's 55 provinces. Duties.

In 2013, the method that meets the E-flow has decided to work with e-flow as the most suitable solution in parallel with the product's features and capabilities and their needs. This project will be included in the team of Netology Partners Arada Consultants, method Cosmetic Financial Affairs Directorate of key users and the method was created from the technical persons in cosmetics. In the e-flow project under the Arada, they began to design their own processes after e-flow Designer training in as little as 1 week.