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Step Carpet manages business processes with netology E-Flow

Ocak 8-2014

Stepper Carpet was founded in Istanbul with the idea of creating an international brand in 1998, step was born in Şengör Halicilik with a rooted history starting to operate in 1919 years.


He redefined the STEP, "Carpet" and "retailing" by using the knowledge and experience of the carpet industry, in the traditional sense that there was a very intense competition all over the world, the profitability exhausted and the stocks reached an incredible size.


This new definition of STEP, which evaluates the carpet as a "decoration item" and considers it to be an outdated product, has reached rapidly growing sales figures from the largest castles of "carpet" in Turkey.


Step Carpet, which entered the search for software to manage the correct business processes in the late 2013 years, decided to manage all processes with E-Flow. Business development Director Onur Freshwater, which transmits details about the electoral process, as Step group firms, we believe that technology is our business, and we are heartily convinced that a global player is making us. I would like to convey a promise to our general Manager: "You can change anything you can measure, heal". From this point of view, we have invested and continue to invest in products of many domestic and foreign software companies. We take into consideration 4 criteria when making our investment decisions;


Does the software we consider to receive meets our needs today and has the flexibility to meet the needs we can hear in the future?

Can it be integrated with the software we are using? However, we consider the "+" points that our customers and suppliers can communicate with the software it uses.

Does the cost overlap with our budget?

Does the software company have the power to survive for many years?

Investing in software for us is actually like starting a long-term business partnership. For example, we have been working together with the LOGO software since 2002, we are always examining and evaluating the solutions that they reference. That's how we started to meet E-Flow. For a long time we were in search of a software that could measure the workflows within our firms. We've had a few software projects before, but unfortunately, the projects took too long, so it was shelved before life. We were thrilled when we heard about E-Flow because it was consistent with all the criteria I mentioned above, and there was more. It is not possible to believe, but to define the process in E-Flow, to spend as many approvals as you want in the process, to import data from external sources into forms, and to send data is so easy; Even the most complex processes were defined in a few days. We specifically wanted to measure the production tracking process we conducted manually. The manual was caused by a loss of communication, as well as many institutional information, and it was wasting time. With E-Flow, we defined this process in a short period of time, such as 1 week. The entire sales team can now enter customer orders in the E-Flow order forms, reaching the operations team in production. The order information that the operations team enters into the LOGO Tiger Enterprise is automatically drawn to the e-flow and then automatically sent to the sales team via the acceptance email e-flow. Then, a separate production form is automatically occurring in E-flow for each number of products and any part of the order form, and these forms are circulating in the factory in order of work flow between related departments. We can complete form approvals with barcode automation in weaving, washing and shipping sections. If there are delays in processes, the decision mechanisms within the process can be informed by e-mail. Thus, all relevant units can follow the production of each piece from start to finish.

In the meantime, we have to define the costs, permits and purchasing processes that we plan to implement quickly in E-Flow. Implementing projects in a very short time will allow us to take control of the process. We are very pleased to work with all the Netology team that specializes. "


Step Halicilik ve Magazacilik San. and Tic. .


Business Development Director Onur TATLISU