Netoloji Business Associate Program

Netoloji is looking for solution partners that will combine their experiences and generate more value together.

Would you like to be a Netoloji Solution Partner?

Thanks to Netoloji's technological superiority, you do not lose months for projects while easily managing the business processes of your customers. Thus, you get more customer satisfaction with more successful projects. In terms of strategy, Netoloji is focused on product development and business partner management. It aims to implement sales, consultancy and support services together with its business partners. Moreover, we support our business partners during the stages of sales and adaptation for their possible needs, and in some projects we undertake the sales and adaptation process ourselves. Netoloji accepts and undertakes to avoid any attitude that prevents the development of the partnership program by acting in accordance with measures of fairness among its business partners at all times. Besides, Netoloji has made it a principle to have partnership with the best in their field and to keep the number of business partners at a certain limit. If you also want to join our business partners, you can apply by filling out our business partnership request form.

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