Sales Management

Create a process to track your unique sales cycle via E-Flow
All sales departments are well aware that one of the keys to the success is a comprehensive system that monitors opportunities, contacts and price quotations.. Nevertheless, the sales process of each company and perhaps each product line is completely different from each other.

Create a process to track your unique sales cycle via E-Flow..

Very easy to install for everyone.

Determine timelines for each step in the process..

These schedules should be based on your sales cycle generated for the purpose of maintaining the appropriate level and frequency of contact with the potential customers.

It is now very easy to display completed and overdue tasks.

A proposal has to be made on a certain date? A phone call should be made? Add this to the process and assign responsible people.

Reach every step of the process easily..

Monitor progress of each task to provide better predictability and greater accountability.

E-Flow is a fast, easy, and affordable solution

E-Flow is a fast, easy and affordable solution that can be used as a CRM system or complement existing CRM system.

In addition to monitoring potential customers, E-Flow can also streamline workflow for all customer-related processes see below.