Software Release Notes

  • E-Flow version
    Temmuz 9-2017

    E-Flow version

     July 9-2017


    New features

    Trigger function is added for data elements in task form.

    Language support for filter page.

    Notification mail on new LDAP user.

    After working on a task on the task list, bringing the task back to the same location.

    Export to Excel for filters.

    This week, this month, this year features are added to criteria in filters.

    Column replacement, column length change, user-based remembrance features have been improved.



    Bug Fix


    *Performance enhancement.

    • Application pool performance enhancement.
    • Logo Tiger transfer error debugged.
    • Logo Tiger lobject.exe 2.45 error debugged.
    • Update: During mail transmission, display of data element in Log type has been set as top and bottom in case of having more than one value.
    • "Edit when delegation date is expired" button is disabled.
    • The deleting problem in the Tiger Integration component has been fixed..
    • Buttons are fixed to be inactive when clicked “reassign” and “deassign” buttons.
    • Edit on data entry fields used in mobile projects.
    • Different date display for different locations debugged.
    • Text length problem in working areas debugged. 
    • Enhancement for infos which do not fit to the box in filters page.
    • The display of the table columns located on the filters page are set to be optionally opened and closed. These options are set to be remembered user-based. The CIID field is made switchable.

    *Administor notification mail has been fixed.

    • On the Filters page, in the criterion selection phase, correct options are set according to the type of criterion options of columns in the table.
    • Some functions have been updated for the IOS app.
    • Data elements of zero value of type LineItemTable have been removed from sent mail.
    • Format has been added to the summary field for LineItemTable data element.
    • Redundant criterias in filters have been enhanced. 
    • LineItemTable numeric fields sent as mail are set to be displayed formatted.
  • E-Flow version
    Mayıs 1-2017

    E-Flow version

    May 1-2017


    New features

    *New filters have been published. 

    • Update and Delete options have been added to the Tiger Integration component.. 
    • When the LineItemTable is added to the e-mail component, the summary total field displays.
    • The numeric fields of the data element of the LineItemTable added to the E-mail component are now right-aligned.
    • Compulsory field control is added to action buttons.
    • Clicking the review button the task detail is set to be inactive.
    • User's task assign to groups feature has been added.
    • Status and filtering according to assigned users feature has been added.


    Bug Fix

    *The overflow of data elements outside the form debugged..

    • Mobile notification errors are fixed.
    • Date/time error is fixed.
    • The problem of not seeing the auxiliary descriptions of data elements has been fixed..


    E-Flow version
    March 17-2017

    New features

    *Graphical filtering feature has been added to the task list.

    • Authorization has been added for dynamic groups ..
    • Performance enhancements have been made on the task list.
    • Performance enhancements have been made on the search page.

    Bug Fix

    *Authorizations have been regulated for the Task List.

    • Calculation error in LineItemTable has been fixed.
    • Push notification error has been fixed for E-Flow Mobile.  (E-Flow Mobile last version must be installed)
    • E-Flow Designer saving problem has been fixed.
  • E-Flow version
    Aralık 29-2016

    E-Flow version


    December 29-2016


    New Features


    Dynamic Group type data element has been added. With this data type, groups can be dynamically created and oriented after the process starts.

    • New invoice types have been added to the logo integration components. (Sales Offer, Purchase Offer, Customers, Related Contacts, Sales Activities)
    • Proxy settings have been added for E-invoice.
    • The e-invoice local integration component was edited to support SSL connections.
    • Search by process name has been added to left menu.
    • A feature has been added to be able to delete the selected choices in Popup select and dropdown string elements.
    • Dynamic Group type data element has been added to process authorizations.


    Bug Fix

    * Time picker not showing up error when long date format command given for LineItemTable date column fixed.

    • Status error during Logout fixed.
    • Alphabetical order has been set for the data in Assignment element.
    • When a user whose LdapUniqueKey is Null tries to log in, old users can not log in. (fixed)
    • An error was fixed that caused the http address to be unresolved in the E-Invoice local integration component.
    • The invoice processing error of the E-Invoice local integration component starting with "<inv: Invoice" has been fixed.
    • The "graphical screen display" authorization error in the process features has been fixed.

    *The validation issue with LineItemTable numeric fields has been fixed by default of zero.

    • The primary group's no show up error has been fixed.
    • If a problem is encountered while the process details are being retrieved, the error is registered in the log file.
    • Authorizations have been edited for the process detail page. 
    • Authorizations have been edited for the search page.
    • Authorizations have been edited for the task list.
  • E-Flow version
    Eylül 9-2016

    E-Flow version


    September 9-2016

    Improvements/Bug fix

    *Improvements have been made for more consistent error logs.

    • The incorrect registration of LDAP users' mail information in the Active domain has been fixed.
    • If the LDAP is empty in web.config, the failure to connect to the designer as an LDAP user has been fixed.
    • After update, if user's LDAP  settings are blank, they are read and updated through web.config.
    • E-Invoice Logo local integration has been added.
    • Using the DBProvider in the filters, the timeout period has been made consistent with the site (10 minutes)
    • VKN, service address, pk and gb label areas have been added to the E-Invoice component. 
    • Inclusion error of deleted users into license control in the E-Flow web interface has been fixed.
    • The DB Lookup component timeout period has been set to 10 minutes. 
    • A section has been added to the Mobile API to accommodate all the authorities required for task forms.
    • Mobile API Location Tracking feature is now convertible.
    • When creating or updating a new user, the spaces at the beginning and the end of the entered data are cleared when saving to the database.
    • In the report submission area of the user edit window, deleted and inactive users are set to be not displayed.
    • The malformation in the add / edit user forms have been fixed.
    • The LDAP server information has been added to LDAP user info.
    • Form layout for add/edit company pages.
    • Add/Edit company screen enhancements.
    • Log register error in case of StackTrace absence has been fixed.
    • Bug fixes for company adding process and performance improvements.
    • Bug fix for process lock during writing error log when Tiger Integration transfer cannot be conducted. 
  • E-Flow version
    Temmuz 20-2016

    E-Flow version

    July 20-2016


    New Features

    Location tracking feature has been added for task forms. (Only works with https)

    • Bug Fix

    Date data in system log has been made compatible with local timezone.

    • Css edits for task reports.
    • Under process status, the names of the components within the system log field are written beside in parentheses.
    • In the Details Page if there's no page to show SYS_LOG, the “Show more” button does not show up.
    • Paging features have been added to lists with very long task history.
    • JavaScript performance has been improved while adding LineItemTable new line.
    • Material class (TRANS_DETAILS) has been added into Tiger Integration.
    • Service invoice has been added under Tiger Integration Cash Transaction.
    • The issue of wrong value of Tiger integration company variable has been fixed.
    • The process in the test mode under the file has been made visible.
    • Bug fix for LineItemTable checkbox field being blank in printable version.
    • Filter save errors in Filters are registered in logs.
    • Query errors in LineItemTable are registered in more detail in log file.
    • In particular, queries on the task list have been reduced. Thus, we will reduce the number of open SQL connections , as well as increase the overall system performance.
    • From now on, AdvancedLog.xml will not be written in netoloji.xml and SystemLog.txt files. Instead, the system will write error logs in txt format for each day under the System Logs folder. You can follow the info of E-Flow service from the event viewer.
    • Processes in the left menu have been changed to sort in ascending by CID.
  • E-Flow version
    Temmuz 4-2016

    E-Flow version

    July 4-2016


    *Bug fix and system enhancements for deleted and inactive users in user list.

    • Paging error in groups list has been fixed. 
    • Deleted and inactive users have been made invisible in assignment variables and task form.
    • Bug fix for password requirement error in test mode for user switch.
    • Bug fix for date format choice in process mode.
    • Process-wide date variables consistency and enhancements.
    • Wrong results have been fixed when start and end date are chosen in search mode.
    • LineItemTable bug fix for data error linked to format type in date area.
    • Filter saving problem on Internet Explorer has been fixed.
    • Count function has been fixed on LineItemTable  summary.
    • LineItemTable the table height is dynamically adjusted according to the number of rows.
    • LineItemTable checkbox read-only mode has been fixed.
    • LineItemTable hidden columns have been made invisible in printable version and send e-mail section. 
    • System logs do not show up in process details if there's no system log belonging to that process.
    • Bug fix for designer collapse problem on right click if the process designer does not have a process in the process list or if it is collapsed.
    • Bug fix for the displaying error of the query long match area within the query mappings screen for DB Lookup when the process is imported in the process designer.
    • Bug fix for designer fail when process name is changed.
  • E-Flow version
    Mayıs 25-2016

    E-Flow version

    • May 25-2016

    New Features

    *New LDAP management module has been added.

    • Error exit codes have been added to DB Update and DB Lookup.
    • New outlook and function for NQL in filters.

    Bug Fix

    * LineItemTable calculate summary bug fix.

    • DBUpdate can now save document objects as BLOB data. 
    • The company administrator can now search and filter all processes.
    • Date bug fixes in printable version.
    • LineItemTable is automated in process details. Tables take form according to line numbers.  
    • ConvertUblToHtmlFile() e-invoice display error on E-invoice integration component has been fixed.    
    • Minimum table length in the process details has been made consistent with the task form. 
    • Stability and performance enhancements on LineItemTable.
    • Bug fix for  "Maximum request length exceeded" error in LineTimeTable.
    • The web service component has been formed to support boolean return value. (Boolean return value can be taken as 1: true, 0: false with a numeric field.)
    • Bug fix for Tiger control component.
    • Tiger 3 and Tiger 3 Enterprise support have been added to Windows service.
    • Stability and optimization enhancements in filters.


  • E-Flow version
    Şubat 22-2016

    E-Flow version

    February 22-2016

    • New receipt types have been added to the Netsis Integration component.
    • Mandatory fields have been added for LineItemTable.
    • Materials Management Slip and lot number areas have been added to Tiger Control.
    • Fix for task list show up problem.
    • Error code has been added for Web Service component.
    • Filters : VariableName space and symbol enhancements.
    • Enhancements for filters.
  • E-Flow version
    Şubat 22-2016

    E-Flow version

    February 22-2016

    • Sorting is also saved in filters.
    • Bug fix for e-mail sending problem to inactive and passive users.
    • Bug fix for inclusion of deleted users during windows license check. 
    • Bug fix for FindSupervisor() and GetUsername() malfunction when used with variables.
    • Bug fix for color theme restore one day after the theme is changed. 
    • Numbers are corrected in LineItemTable numeric fields. 
    • LineItemTable Numeric field  lividness problem is fixed.
    • Bug fix for LineItemTable  IE8 javascript errors.
    • Bug fix for transfer problem if the Tiger Integration numeric field is blank.
    • Task mails are not sent to passive users.
    • Bug fix for LineItemTable Dropdown scroll problem.
    • LineItemTable hidden feature has been fixed.
    • LineItemTable has been fixed to make calculations according to Alphanumeric value.
    • An error has been fixed when backslash is used while sending e-mail.
    • Document controller of task form has been fixed.
    • Bug fix for the validation problem of obligatory document added in another form.

    Bug fix for loading animation lock problem when the obligatory field is “document” and no document is added.

  • E-Flow Update
    Şubat 4-2016

    E-Flow Update

    February 4-2016

    • Filters : Closed to sharing, Sorting save, repeating field names problem has been fixed.
    • E-mail sending problem to deleted and passive users has been fixed.
    • Bug fix for inclusion of deleted users during windows license check.
    • LineItemTable validation problem has been fixed.
    • Regex validation now runs in LineItemTable.
    • Running problem when FindSupervisor() and GetUsername() are used with variables has been fixed 
    • Cookie is saved for 1 year in theme select.
    • Numbers in LIT numeric fields have been fixed. 
    • Grayness has been fixed in Numeric fields.
    • LIT IE8 javascript problems have been fixed.
    • Bug fix for transfer problem if the Tiger Integration numeric field is blank.
    • Task mails are not sent to passive users.
    • LIT Dropdown scroll problem has been fixed.
    • LIT hidden feature has been fixed.
    • LIT has been fixed to make calculations according to Alphanumeric value.
    • Bug fix for mail problem in ExpHazirlaNormalEncoded method when backslash is used. 
    • Bug fix in Mail Sender.
    • Document controller of task form has been fixed.
    • Bug fix for the validation problem of obligatory document added in another form.
    • Bug fix for loading animation lock problem when the obligatory field is “document” and no document is added.
  • E-Flow version
    Kasım 18-2015

    E-Flow version

    November 18-2015

    • Process data can be changed with authorization. Process data can be changed depending on -Change of process data – authorization on E-Flow Designer Process Options Window.
    • -Company Policy- option is added to Company Settings.
    • Controls have been added to password change page in accordance with the password change policy. 
    • Bug fix for E-Invoice component.
    • E-Invoice Accept and Deny functions are added.
    • GetText() function has been added to register text features of PopupSelect data.
    • Component copy feature among processes has been added to E-Flow Designer interface.
    • Process data copy feature among processes has been added to E-Flow Designer interface.
    • In the E-Flow Designer interface, the data  explorer has been added to search according to first data type.
    • In the E-Invoice component, the invoice file can be automatically transferred to the document object.
    • “File” feature has been added to Processes list.
  • E-Flow version
    Ekim 16-2014

    E-Flow version

    October 16-2014

    • “Search” feature is added to Task list.
    • Sort by fields in task list feature has been added.
    • Paging problem on task list has been fixed.
    • Paging problem on search results page has been fixed.
    • Bug fix for saving according to user preference on the left menu.
    • Test Mode feature has been added. To use this feature, you must right-click on the "red flag" and select "Test" on the E-Flow Designer. With this feature, the prepared processes can be tested on the staging server before publishing. In the test mode, the switch between user screens feature has been added to the opening interface.
    • Delegation feature has been added.
  • Flow version
    Eylül 4-2014

    Flow version

    September 4-2014

    • User deletion and task assignment to another user.
    • GIB_UBL has been added to the first parameter of the E-Invoice Control object. Mapping with a Memo type data is required in order to use this field. With ConvertUblToHtmlFile invoice can be displayed by transferring to a Document data.
    • Bug fix for old version processes transfer to newer version.
    • Search button has been added to Groups/Tasks list.
    • “Initiator” tab is fixed on group members page.
    • "Cancel process" authorization is linked to  "Change of process data"
    • "Counter" and "CounterEx" functions have been added.
    • "GetXmlNodeValue" and "GetXmlNodeCount" functions have been added.
    • Dynamic Query has been completed for DB objects (DB Lookup, Recursive DB Lookup, DB Update, DB Lookup, PopupSelect).
    • The selection of Company No and Period No fields from string data types of Tiger Control and Tiger Integration  components has been completed.