What is drag and drop technology and how does it work?

The drag-and-drop technology has been developed to simplify software development processes and allow users to design applications without requiring complex coding knowledge. This technology enables everyone to easily create something in the digital world. So, how does drag-and-drop, which facilitates everyone’s participation in the world of technology, work? Interface-Friendly Design: Drag-and-drop technology begins with a […]

Usage areas and transformative role of No-code technology
in various sectors

In today’s world, technological innovations take center stage with the aim of making business processes more efficient and accelerating application development. In this context, the ‚No-code‚; technology stands out, opening the doors to application development without the need for coding and presenting unique opportunities in various sectors. Widely utilized across a wide range including finance, […]

A new working area for software developers: No-code platforms

It seems that software developers, who dance with codes, will take a break from this dance with the contribution of No-code platforms, because the software development process without writing code, which we may have encountered in science-fiction movies years ago, has been implemented with No-code platforms. At this point, we will have to direct our […]

Human – process relation in enterprises

Even the most advanced business process management (BPM) system, cannot operate without human interaction. The number of fully automatable processes vary from industry to industry and organisation to organisation, but it’s usually less than the number of processes with human tasks. For instance, if you want to send money to someone from your bank account electronically, […]