BPM and Digital Transformation

BPM ve Dijital Dönüşüm

Digital Transformation is the renewal process of businesses by using digital technologies in order to catch up with the changing business manners. Digital transformation does not only refer to the investment in software and hardware. Besides, it refers to the understanding customer and market requirements and adopting the transformation as the corporate culture. Digital transformation begins when you understand and get in contact with the customers. In order to meet the needs of your customers or potential customers, you need to adapt the digital technologies into your business facility. Getting rid of paper and making all business ways measurable both accelerates and saves you money.

So where is BPM in

this transformation?

BPM is at the heart of digital transformation. Each business facility has its own business manner and business processes. BPM-Corporate Process Management Systems is the process of digitalizing and modeling the existing business processes based on the approval mechanism. That’s why the business facilities which decide to go through digital transformation should make BPM investments firstly. Otherwise, it would be the technological improvement, not transformation. All departments within the institution have their works and approval mechanisms they operate.

Thanks to Corporate Process Management, each task can be digitalized and reported separately. Therefore, numerous data such as the time spent for each task, costs, employee efficiency can be obtained and models can be changed if necessary. These flexible structures both eliminate the fear of digital transformation within minds and provide each employee with the opportunity to become developer actively.