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New Customer - WWW Turkey

13 June 2021

We are happy to announce that the world’s leading independent conservation organisation World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Turkey, has become our new client. WWF’s mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together. To achieve their mission, they are finding ways to help transform the future for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas; pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions to fight with climate change; and pressing for measures to help people live sustainably, within the means of our one planet.

WWF Turkey

New Customer - Getir

11 June 2021

We are happy to announce that Getir has become our new client. Getir is the ultrafast delivery pioneer. The tech company, based in Istanbul, has revolutionized last-mile delivery with its 10-minute grocery delivery proposition offering a selection of 1,500 everyday items to its customers in minutes. Along with Turkey, Getir, has launched operations in the UK in January and in the Netherlands in May 2021 and is stepping up its European operations with couriers set to hit the road in German and French markets. Getir also has sub-brands - GetirFood, GetirMore, GetirWater and GetirLocals


Activity - Process and Document Management

09 June 2021

Netoloji was the Theme Sponsor of “Process and Document Management Virtual Event”. Netoloji International Sales Manager Harun Arman gave a presentation and was also a member of the Panel.

Webinar Announcement from our Moroccan Partner Kertys

25 May 2021

Reinvent the future of work with Netoloji no-code E-Flow BPM solution.

Date: Jun 3, 2021, 11:00 12:00 AM (GMT +1)

Webinar Language: French

Webinar Registration

New Customer -Fenerbahçe SK

24 March 2021

We are proud of signing a solution partnership agreement with Fenerbahçe SK, one of the most famous football clubs in the World. Netoloji Yazılım will become the “Fenerbahçe Sports Club Business Process Management Solution Partner”. As Netoloji Yazılım, we are very happy to celebrate the success of the club while digitizing their processes.

Fenerbahçe SK

New Customer - Global Capital Group

30 November 2020

Global Kapital Group has joined E-Flow customers.

Global Kapital Group is a fast growing companies group operating in financial technologies sector.

Global Kapital has been providing practical solutions to meet the financial needs of the customers since 2010. Having started to operate in an office in London, it has become a FinTech group in a global scale with its 28 offices in 18 countries for more than 10 years.

Global Capital Group

Event - Informatics Summit '20

November 25, 2020

We took a part among the sponsors of “Informatics Summit 2020” held online on the date of November 25, 2020. At the hall of “Digital Transformation Sustainability Platform”, Serdar Öner, General Director of Netoloji took a part as a panelist in “Sustainability Transformation Strategy Panel”.

New Business Partner - Key Apps

November 20, 2020

Key Apps operating in Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina participated among the Netoloji Business partners.

Key Apps

November 16, 2020

We took a part in 3. Mobile platform. E-Flow customers will be able to manage the entire business processes via Huawei App.

November 12, 2020

Among the business partners of Netoloji, 800 Tech Limited from Trinidad and Tobago participated.



Vava Cars has joined E-Flow customers. Vava Cars is a part of global companies group which dates back more than 50 years focused on the energy sector.

The Group holds 5000 fuel stations, 5 oil refineries, and 18 million cubic meters of oil products storage area, as well as different energy infrastructure investments, including ship transportation, globally. Vava Cars is operating in various selected stations in collaboration with Petrol Ofisi in Turkey.