junio 23, 2021

Why Low-Code is the Future of Software Development?

Have you designed a website in the 2000s? It may reveal my age but I did! My first website was live in 2000  As a kid, […]
febrero 4, 2021

Staying Connected With The Right Technology

It has been a transformative journey both for us and our clients because of the pandemic and the stay at home orders. Our focus has been […]
mayo 19, 2020

Digital Transformation to Overcome the Crisis (Co-author: Tolga Güler – Netoloji Canada)

There’s no doubt, that Covid-19 is having a massive and traumatic impact on the global economy. Within a very short period, individual lives and businesses have […]
febrero 7, 2020

Fellowship of the process: BPM & ERP

The more I get into conversation with people about the business platforms they are using within their organization, the more I realize, that the confusion over […]
diciembre 9, 2019

SME’s future lies in digital transformation

Being an SME has its own difficulties. Accessing financial instruments can be a headache. Increasing revenue is always a concern. Innovation is a big question mark. […]
noviembre 22, 2019

Human – Process Relation in Enterprises

Even the most advanced business process management (BPM) system, cannot operate without human interaction. The number of fully automatable processes vary from industry to industry and organisation […]
noviembre 14, 2019

Process Oriented Organisation

Independent of its size, each business delivers one or more product or service to its customers. A supermarket sells consumer goods, a car service provides maintenance […]
agosto 8, 2019

Q&A: E-Flow Business Process Management (BPM) Solution

– What does #BPM stand for? BPM stands for Business Process Management; a discipline involving any combination of modelling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimisation for […]