Process Explorer

Opening Existing Processes

Determine the location of the process you want to open. Hover over the process or its icon and double click on it. Your process will be opened on the process design area.

Creating New Process

Hover over the folder named “Processes” and right click on it to create a new process. Select “Create New Process” from the opened menu. In the dialogue window opened, enter the name of the process and click the “OK”. A blank window will be displayed so that you can start the process design.


To delete a process, firstly determine the process you want to delete. Right click on the process and select “Delete”. If the process is in the development phase (with red icon), you might need to reverse the process before deleting.

Releasing the Process

If you are working in a development server and want to release the changes made on the process to the production server or release a new process to the production server, firstly determine the location of the process.