Task Action Properties

The tasks refers to the events completed manually by the process participant. The tasks enable the user to interact with data elements by viewing and / or updating the data, and to make a decision about the outcome or editing of the task with defined action buttons.

Action Buttons

Action Buttons defines the running path to be followed int he process as specified by the responsible user. A Task Action should have at least one Action Button defined.Action Buttons are defined by drawing a link between he outward arrow on the Task Action and another task in the process. The label on the link corresponds to the text on the button on Task Details page of Web Interface.

Features of Action Button

You can change various features of action buttons such as “button text”, “background color”, “text color” by double clicking on the action button. You can change the button text by clicking once.

Overdue Action

Overdue action determines that the task execution path has gone beyond the deadline. When the deadline of task is over, it is deleted from the task list and overdue action is run.Overdue Action is optional. If not specified, it continues to remain in the task list until the overdue actions are completed.

Task Action Properties


The task subject is used to distinguish the task from other tasks in the list. The subject can consist of text or data related to the task. The subject is displayed both on Task List and Task Detail page on Web Interface. To include data related to the task, put (%) sign before and after the name of the data elements.Example: %firm_title%


Optionally, you can specify a series of detailed instructions for the user about what should be done to complete the assigned task. The instructions can be displayed on Task Detail page on Web Interface. To use HTML formatting in instructions, enclose the test and HTML in tags.

Completion Date

It determines the method to calculate the completion date for the task. For detailed information, refer to the Section Delays and Terms on Page 39.


It determines the group or individual that are assigned. Select the group from the dropdown list. The task is given to the Initiator, namely, the person who has started or run the process phase state by default.Any person who is a member of the specified group can undertake the task.If the process contains any Assignment data elements, they will be listed under the dropdown Assign list. If selected, the task is dynamically assigned based on the group associated with the data element in each process phase state.

Group Task

If the task is marked as a Group Task, each member in the Assign Group receives their own copy of task. For example, if there are ten members in the assigned group, ten different tasks are created. Group Tasks are used in operations such as departmental reports, timetables or other tasks requiring the collection of information from a group of individuals.Data elements that are multiple marked records individual values ​​for each person entering data and reports them in tabular format.Group Tasks have only one Action Button.

Allow Task to be Reassigned

It marks if a task can be reassigned by the current task owner to another group or individual. If reassignment is allowed, the user can transfer the task to an individual or group.

Blocking of Notification E-mails

In case of a particular setting preferred by the user and when a user or group of the user is assigned with a task, an e-mail notification is provided.In some cases, the designer might want to interrupt such e-mail messages. For the initial task of the operation, since the process has just started, the user will not probably need any notification e-mail.

Keep Original Due Date

The due date given when the task was first created is shown in the task list.The escalation date is the date shown if the task has not been completed within the term and if the overdue action has been defined. If it returns to the task by looping back, the original deadline will be shown.

Data Elements

Task Data Element DialogData elements in connection with the task should be set as follows.


Check this box to include the data element as part of the task. The data element will be displayed on the Task Detail page on Web UI.

Read Only

Select the “Read Only” option to view the data and not allow it to be changed. Read Only fields are displayed as gray boxes on Web Interface.


Select “Required” if data required to be entered to complete the task. If data are necessary, any task cannot be completed without valid data entry.Required data elements are highlighted in red text from the Web Interface.