What is No-code?

No-code deconstructs the “writing code” barrier between ideas and solutions and is the ideal way to develop software.

No-code platforms, which are part of the digital transformation, are the best alternative to traditional application development methods and bring many advantages, especially in the automation of business processes.

How is it possible to develop an application without writing a single line of code?

No-code application development, as the name suggests, is a method that allows application development without the need to write code. This approach provides a platform that allows developers to create complex, enterprise-level applications by dragging and dropping preconfigured components.

The coding done during No-code application remains hidden from being seen by you. The components automatically fulfill the requirements on the back, so you don’t have to write code. You just drag and drop the desired components, the rest is taken care of automatically.

Will No-code platforms replace experienced developers?

Whether No-code software will completely take over the role of experienced developers in the future is an important question. With No-code, it may be possible for everyone to have the ability to develop applications in the future and to eliminate the need to be a programmer for this. However, even in this case, the location of experienced and professional developers will still be of great importance.

No-code platforms allow businesses and individuals to create applications even without coding knowledge. However, the contribution of experienced developers plays a critical role in ensuring the success and quality of more complex and customized projects. These platforms offer experienced developers the opportunity to focus on higher-level tasks such as governance, security, scalability.

The role of experienced developers may change along with No-code platforms. Now they can focus on more strategic and creative tasks instead of basic coding tasks. In this way, developers can guide the technological vision of the enterprise, increase productivity and offer innovative solutions.

In conclusion, although No-code platforms will democratize software development in the future and offer opportunities to everyone, the expertise and creativity of experienced developers are still indispensable for businesses. These platforms can take an important place in the transformation of the technology world by enabling developers to take on more strategic and leading roles.

Can No-code platforms offer valuable applications to end users in the focus of their needs?

This usually happens thanks to the cooperation of IT (Information Technology) specialists and Citizen Developers (people who do not have coding experience but understand the business requirements). These platforms offer tools suitable for the use of both experts with coding skills and non-experts.

Some of the No-code platforms also allow for traditional coding. This allows IT professionals to code more complex functions, while Citizen Developers can contribute to the application development process by combining simpler components with user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop methods.

Thanks to this cooperation, both IT specialists and Citizen Developers can develop enterprise-level applications for their end users with a focus on business needs. While the use of applications becomes easier, faster and suitable for needs, the efficiency of business processes can increase.