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Limitless thinkers with E-Flow

Limitless thinkers with E-Flow

Limitlessly designed processes with E-Flow
Limitlessly designed processes with E-Flow

E-Flow Permission Process

E-Flow “Permission Process” is designed for managing permission requests and approval processes in a digital environment within the framework of the needs of the enterprise.

The E-Flow Permission Process allows permission requests to be processed more regularly, traceable and quickly than traditional paper-based permission management. Both employees and managers can perform more effective leave management by spending less time.

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E-Flow Expense Process

E-Flow “Expense Process” is designed for managing expense management and approval processes in a digital environment.

The E-Flow Expense Process includes steps such as tracking, approving and reporting expenses. Cost entry, document attachment, approval and rejection are some of these steps.

With the E-Flow Expense Process, businesses that manage expenses more regularly, traceably and quickly than traditional methods can effectively control expenses, monitor budgets and reduce unnecessary expenses.

E-Flow Task Assignment Process

E-Flow “Task Assignment Process” is designed to distribute, monitor and terminate tasks, projects or workflows within an organization more effectively in a digital environment.

Thus, enterprises ensure that work is carried out more regularly and efficiently, can monitor the assignment processes of tasks and projects, and balance the workload of employees.

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Frequently asked questions

E-Flow BPM is a No-code workflow management platform developed by Netoloji. It has a user-friendly interface for easily creating, editing and monitoring workflows. It allows business processes to be digitised without writing traditional code.

No-code and Low-code represent different approaches to software development processes.

No-code: It makes it possible to create applications or business processes without writing code, often using visual interfaces. It offers an easier and faster solution for users.

Low-code: This is an approach that requires low-level coding. Users can create more complex applications using predefined components, but there is still a need to write code for some special cases.

Workflow management is a system that describes the step-by-step progress of a business process and how to perform related tasks. Workflow management contributes to organisations by making business processes more effective, productive and traceable.

E-Flow BPM simplifies workflow management with a No-code approach.

Business processes can be created, edited and managed without the need to write code.

With the drag-and-drop method, workflows can be designed and adapted quickly.

Business processes can be made more efficient with automation and integrations.

Monitoring of workflows and performance analysis can be performed, thus ensuring the improvement of processes.

It allows users to create their own workflows without the need for technical knowledge.

In order to design a process with E-Flow, it is necessary to decide which business processes you will automate first. The tasks, roles and responsibilities that will take place in your processes are designed by E-Flow Designers in accordance with your needs. By constantly monitoring workflow performance, you can make improvements and design your flow more efficiently.

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