Success Stories

Turkey’s first No-code BPM platform manufacturer.


Koza Gıda E-Flow BPM Success Story

Koza Gıda explains how they digitize their processes after they started using the Netoloji E-Flow workflow management system.

Koza Gıda E-Flow BPM Success Story

Emir Semizel explains some of the processes of Koza Gıda: Inventory card opening, import purchasing, domestic purchasing, list price definition, sales price definition, logistics to name a few of them.

Koza Gıda E-Flow BPM Success Story

Koza Gıda Warehouse and Logistics Manager Kerem Eren explains the savings proved by the reports after starting to use E-Flow BPM. Koza Gıda saved the elimination of 40 hours of overtime on average per day, 4% of general logistics costs, 4% of warehouse labour costs, 6% of warehouse labour costs.

Ceviz Press E-Flow BPM Success Story

Ceviz Press met E-Flow when they started to manage sales performances and reporting processes. Then, they expanded to manage processes in accounting, finance, sales performance, production, production planning, quality control and stock management. Ceviz Pres noticed that productivity.

ESBAŞ E-Flow BPM Success Story

Covering an area of 2.5 million m2, the Aegean Free Trade Zone is developed and operated by ESBAŞ. ESBAŞ has succeeded in increasing the efficiency rate from 75% to 90% by digitizing its business processes with E-Flow BPM.

Şener Mechanics E-Flow BPM Success Story

Serving in defense, aviation, automotive and heavy industry machinery, Şener Mekanik can now make much faster decisions with the 350 processes. They can monitor and report all their end-to-end processes from quality systems to production systems.

Fupa Lift E-Flow BPM Project

See how Fupa Lifts use E-Flow for to reduce their work load and improve their Efficiency. Learn more about their success story here.

Maysan Mando E-Flow BPM Project

See how Maysan Mando has deployed E-Flow for their 5S Audit at the production stage.

Netoloji Hedef Gıda E-Flow BPM Projesi

Hedef Gıda Yazılım ve İş Geliştirme Yöneticisi Serdar Çetinkaya E-Flow deneyimi hakkında bilgiler veriyor.

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