How does E-Flow work?

It has never been easier for end users to create their own business processes.

E-Flow BPM, a business process development platform for organizations of different scales

Coding is needed in the components in most BPM applications. Netoloji’s No-code platform developers have written basic codes that users can use as visual modeling elements. When you start designing a process with E-Flow, you actually compile and use the codes that have already been written.

Therefore, you do not need coding knowledge when using E-Flow.

Set your own limits thanks to
flexible design possibilities

With the drag-and-drop technology on the E-Flow No-code platform, processes are designed by focusing on needs and can be reshaped according to changing business requirements.

Intelligently design your
business processes

With visual modeling, data is processed and managed quickly. The drag-and-drop interface completely eliminates the need for coding. Thus, the doors of unlimited possibilities are opened. Creating complex data models becomes easier.

Save time by reusing
designed processes

Components of designed processes can be reused when creating new ones. The created processes can be shared for the use of others. The hours of work of traditional development models are realised in just two clicks.

Ensure business and IT alignment

E-Flow enables seamless communication between people through processes that require approval, and facilitates collaboration with complex IT operations. Even if they do not have coding knowledge, anyone can actively participate in the processes as a Citizen Developer.