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E-Flow Designer app enables users to design the business processes by using a simple graphic design tool, regardless whether they are technical persons or not. Process designers can easily define, perform and automate business processes by using E-Flow action and task components, defining process data elements and assigning process participants.


Data Elements

Data elements are the information required to define a process. Data elements might can contain text or numerical data, dates and documents, or scanned images.

Process Participants

Process participants are the people involved in the business processes. It may include employees, vendors, customers, business partners and other external companies.


Actions are the steps creating the real process. These steps might contain the tasks of process participants, automation functions and the logic determining the work flow.
A business process consists of tasks and actions defining what happens during the process. Data elements define what information is needed to complete the process.Process participants are employees, partners and vendors responsible for completing the various steps of the process and the various tasks involved in the process.

Development and Release Servers

Of the features of E-Flow server is to ensure that two servers can connect each other in development-release relationship. Development server contains the copies of operation and development of processes and data elements. The server is used to test processes from the perspective of different process participants. After the processes are debugged and made to operate in a way to satisfy the user, the process is placed in release server where it will be operated with real data.

When editing on process in the development server, the designer works on a copy of the process. When the development of the process is completed, the new process is placed in the release server and removed from the development server.  The server moved to the release server can be used now.

If the process owner decided to reverse any change on the process, the process is reversed to the original release version, if any.