Initiating Actions

Each process requires at least one initialization or self-operating method.

A process can be initiated in seven ways;

Manual Initiation

The user can initiate the process on Web Interface.

Iterative / Programmed Initiation

 Initiates the new process based on the defined program or periodically (i.e once in a week).

DB Scan / Database Scan Action

It scans the database by means of an SQL statement and creates a process stage case for each matching database record.

Iterative DB scan / Iterative Data Base Scanning

 The database is periodically scanned and the process stage creates the state.

Tiger Control

When a predetermined business product (demand slip, purchase order, sales order, etc.) is included into Logo Tiger Plus, it enables the process to be triggered automatically.

E-Receipt Control

It listens to the transactions such as Purchase and Sales Return Invoices received from the Revenue Administration and automatically triggers the related process.

E-Mail Check

It enables the process to be triggered by sending an e-mail to the e-maill address on the relevant e-mail server in a particular time interval.