A New Dimension in the BPM Sector: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence includes subfields such as data analysis, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and deep learning. These technologies can perform various functions such as extracting meaningful information from large data sets, automating complex tasks, and making predictions. For instance, machine learning algorithms can identify patterns in large data sets to improve decision-making processes. […]

The Quantum Age of Marketing in the Artificial Intelligence World: Quantum Marketing

1. What exactly is meant by the Quantum Age? How has the evolution of marketing occurred in this era? In these days where we rapidly transitioned from the digital world to the era of artificial intelligence, even experiencing a “Technological Big Bang”, marketing science has been significantly influenced by the changes occurring in all disciplines. I have always found […]

What is drag and drop technology and how does it work?

The drag-and-drop technology has been developed to simplify software development processes and allow users to design applications without requiring complex coding knowledge. This technology enables everyone to easily create something in the digital world. So, how does drag-and-drop, which facilitates everyone’s participation in the world of technology, work? Interface-Friendly Design: Drag-and-drop technology begins with a […]

A new working area for software developers: No-code platforms

It seems that software developers, who dance with codes, will take a break from this dance with the contribution of No-code platforms, because the software development process without writing code, which we may have encountered in science-fiction movies years ago, has been implemented with No-code platforms. At this point, we will have to direct our […]

Why Low-code is the future of software development?

Have you designed a website in the 2000s? It may reveal my age but I did! My first website was live in 2000   As a kid, I have thought myself how to design a website from scratch. Sleepless nights, a steep learning curve, endless passion, and a lot of fun! I have even earned […]

Staying connected with the right technology

It has been a transformative journey both for us and our clients because of the pandemic and the stay at home orders. Our focus has been on staying connected by helping clients understand the technologies needed to help their workforce function while maintaining satisfactory levels of productivity. We started, helping clients with the immediate need […]

Fellowship of the process: BPM & ERP

The more I get into conversation with people about the business platforms they are using within their organization, the more I realize, that the confusion over business process management (BPM) & enterprise resource planning (ERP) is bigger than I was expecting. During a recent small talk, a colleague of mine with many years of experience […]